politisk revy publishers

politisk revy is a small Danish publishing company situated Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark. We have been in business since 1963 when the first issue of the magazine politisk revy was published. The magazine was to become the most important left wing magazine in Denmark during the seventies and early eighties, but due to the general changes in society the magazine stopped in 1987 after 507 issues. Since 1969 we have also been publishing books and since 1987 politisk revy is only a book publishing company with a great variety of topics: In our series Rævens Sorte Bibliotek we publish classic and new texts of serious litterature and science.

Christiania i 25 år
Nearly all of our books are in Danish
so you will have to learn the language
to understand the texts.

There are a few exceptions, though. One of them is:

Christiania i 25 år / Christiania during 25 years
A postcard-book about the first 25 years of the famous Danish "free-town" of Christiania, with 40 removable postcards printed in colour and texts in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Danish.
112 pages, price DEK 98, GB-£ 9, US-$ 15, DEM 25 (plus postage)

Click here for the author and photographer, Irma Clausen's homepage.
There are pictures and text-excerpts from the book.

We have published books by the following authors:

English language authors:

Mussa S. Ajmi
William S. Burroughs
B P Fallon
John Finnegan
Mel Frank
Robert Peter Gale
Patricia & William Hudson O'Hanlon
Robert Irwin
John Lennon
Jim Morrison
Brian O'Doherty
Lou Reed
Rowan Robinson
Andrew Samuels
Hubert Selby jr.
Art Spiegelman

French language authors:

Roland Barthes
Georges Bataille
Henri Bergson
Janine Chasseguet©Smirgel
Mony Elkaïm
André Gorz
Jacques Lacan
Marcel Proust
Paul Virilio

German language authors:

Walter Benjamin
Bertolt Brecht
Elias Canetti
Sigmund Freud
Durs Grünbein
Freerk Huisken
Ivan Illich
Robert Jungk
Niklas Luhmann
Herta Müller
Norbert Müllert
Oskar Negt
Edgar Reitz
Wolfgang Schivelbusch
Birgit Vanderbeke
Wim Wenders
Vera Wollenberger
Thomas Ziehe

Russian language author:

Ninel Streltsova

Færøese language author:

Tóroddur Poulsen

Chinese language author:

Yang Lian

Swedish language authors:

Tapani Ahola & Ben Furman
Charlie Christensen

Dutch language author:

M. Februari

Czech language author:

Egon Bondy

Spanish language author:

Pedro Almodóvar

Arab language author:

Muniam Alfaker

Danish language authors:

Lars Kiel Bertelsen
Morten Blok
Per Aage Brandt
Rudolf Broby Johansen
Jørgen Bruhn
Niels Brunse
Charlie Christensen
Per Folkver
Jens Fransen
Gorm Harste
Tage Hind
Klaus Holsting
Jens Christian Jacobsen
Poula Jakobsen
Henrik Larsen
Marianne Larsen
Grethe Lund
Harald Landt Momberg
Lars Møller
Bo Degn Rasmussen
René Rasmussen
Christoffer Regild
Henrik Rehr
Jørgen Rolapp
Flemming Røgilds
Mette Sandbye
Dorthe Staunæs
Erik Steffensen
Jakob Martin Strid
Jesper Strudsholm
Susanne Thorbek
Ole Thorbek
Leif Varmark
Steen Visholm
Per Warming
Georg Michael Warming